Voice Processing Systems

Now, more than ever, businesses depend on advanced telecommunications equipment to successfully manage their operations. Toshiba is dedicated to providing solutions to meet the changing demands of today�s business environments. That�s why MTN is dedicated to Toshiba!

A Voice Processing System can offer your business significant service and communication advantages. It can save your company money by avoiding missed calls and miscommunication, and can enhance your customer service strategy.

TOSHIBA offers several voice processing systems using various platforms. Regardless of your company�s size and requirements, TOSHIBA has the right voice processing system for you.

  • STRATAGY DK : A full-featured voice processing system on an affordable PC-card based platform. Configured from 2 to 24 ports and 130 hours storage.

  • IVP8 : Integrated voice processing system featuring digital recording. Configured from 2 to 8 ports with up to 16 hours of storage.

  • IES32 : Integrated voice processing system featuring digital recording and unified messaging. Configured from 4 to 32 ports with up to 500 hours of storage.

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