Customer Portfolio

The measure of a successful business is in the satisfaction of its customers. Here�s what a few of MTN�s customers have to say about us:

Roderic Ferguson of Ferguson Barristers in Midland,

"In the autumn of 1992, Mike Proulx and his staff installed a Toshiba telephone system in our new office building. We are very satisfied with this telephone system. It is very adaptable and functions in an excellent fashion. It has features that we find very useful to our line of professional practice. More importantly, we have found Mike Proulx and his organization to be extremely professional, prompt, tidy and quick to respond to any request for help or adjustments to our system. I cannot recommend this firm too highly."

Chief Paul Hamelin of Midland Police Service,

"As you are aware, on August 16th, 2003, the Midland Police Station was struck by lightning causing severe damage to our phone system. I have been advised that 20 minutes from the time a message was left on your voice mail, you had our phone system up and running with full functionality for the Police Operations. Your response was instrumental in ensuring minimum interruption of service to the public, and I would like to thank you and your staff for the excellent service you have provided over the years, and particularly for your tremendous response to this emergency."

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